About DQA

Don Quixote Apartments (DQA) is gated touristic condo complex located in the city of Sosúa in the North Cost of the Dominican Republic. It features full residential, hospitality and complimentary services to its customers.

The development of DQA was created as a unique concept of apartments that combined top quality construction with first class type installations and diversified social infrastructure at a price range close to the “hot segment” of the local real state market.

DQA follows the concept of Club Style Condo Complex, a unique product in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. This concept combines premium living and hospitality services, with guaranteed provisions of basic services – 24/7 electricity, private security, complimentary services – Casa Club, Health Club, Swimming Pool, and management services – DQA sales and rental office, all inside common borders.

Welcome to DQA.
Don Quixote Apartments (DQA) is gated touristic condo complex located in the city of Sosúa in the North Cost of the Dominican Republic.
Advantages of DQA

1 Location — 67 m2 above sea leave, 5 minutes from the beach, 15 minutes away from the international airport.

2 24 Hour Security — inside a private community, CCTV system, watchmen and armed security.

3 Amenities — Family pool, sports pool, playground, gym, restaurant, mini zoo, billiards, karaoke, massage room, BBQ area.

4 Multilingual staff — Spanish, English, Russian speaking staff.

5 Property management

6 Rental Pool

7 Wifi

8 24/7 Electricity

About the Location

DQA is located in the mountain area, 67 meters (220 feet) above see level, in the touristic town fo Sosúa, in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, 5 Minutes driving time from the center of town and internationally recognized Sosua Beach, and 15 minutes driving time from International Airport Gregorio Luperón (POP)

  • Convention Center
  • Cigar Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Liquor Store
  • Butcher Shop
  • Supermarket
  • Hardware Store
  • Hardware & Furniture Store
  • International Courier
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Insurance Agency
  • Commercial Exchange Bank
  • Sigma Alimentos Factory
  • Main Road
  • Taxi Terminal
  • Gasoline Station
  • Transportation Terminal
  • Airport
  • Harley Davidson Rentals
  • Car Rental
  • Car Shop
  • Palmas del Choco
  • Gated Residential Community
  • Condominiums
  • Resort
  • Beach
  • Gym
  • Diving Center Office
  • Casino
  • Disco Club
  • Golf Course
  • Park Mirador of Sosua
  • TEMA
  • Museum
  • Synagogue
  • School
  • Castillo Mundo King Museum
Social Services
  • City Hall
  • Police Station
  • Transit Police Station
  • Tourist’s Police
  • Hospital

About Climate

Sosua has a year long tropical climate. From the beginning of June to the end of November is the Atlantic Hurricane Season, and the entire island of the Dominican Republic is exposed to tropical storms and hurricanes. However, the Dominican Republic and specially its north coast, has a natural system of defense that has helped to minimize the impact of these phenomenoms.

Current weather report

Central Location

The Dominican Republic is centered between Cuba to our west and Puerto Rico to the east, and a narrow body of water that connects the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea pushes storms away from the island due to its strong currents and pressure system.

Mountain System

The Dominican Republic has some of the highest and largest mountain systems in the Caribbean including the highest mountain, Pico Duarte. These cool mountain systems, combined with its warm coastline, create varying temperatures and pressure systems that push storms away or decrease their intensity.

About Dominican Republic

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